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re: Those are all projects under Microsoft’s rule. Name some OSS where Microsoft is a good citizen. The GVFS issue is a clear example of ol’ Microsoft ...

How is GVFS a bad thing?

Microsoft Engineers spent time with GitHub Engineers to build the Git Virtual File System, because Microsoft needed to use GIT as a version control for really large repositories like that of Windows which is about 300GB.

Standard GIT was unusable for such sizes.

Changes made during this development have been gradually added to standard GIT over time.


1) GVFS has been Gnome Virtual File System for a really long time, and this poses a naming conflict. Microsoft's response is pretty much PR nonsense and they ignore this issue.

2) Microsoft finds Git's rule about backwards compatibility troublesome. If they can, they will violate this rule and break Git repositories when they feel like.

3) GVFS is pretty much Windows-only.

4) GVFS is Microsoft's thing, not a git community thing. They have shown no interesting in working together to create a solution everybody feels happy with. It's GVFS or GTFO.

Edit: it looks like MS starting to address #1

GVFS for Mac < > ... interesting!

Anyone use GVFS for Windows 10? Smooth sailing, or rough around the edges?

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