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Tymur Levtsun
Tymur Levtsun

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Hello World

Hello World, my name is Tymur Levtsun. I am 19 year old from Ukraine who is currently studying at Seneca College in Computer Programming and Analysis program. I am taking the OSD course to get a better understanding of the open-source community and systemise my knowledge about the open-source that I already have.

The overall objective for this course is to expand my knowledge about the open-source world and to contribute to some big or medium-sized projects. Since I have most of experience working with typescript/javscript I hope to contribute to projects that you these languages.

This week I have chosen a repo called, which is a nice open-source tool that generates graphical diagrams from JSON objects in a very pretty and understandable way. I liked it, because I had to work with JSON a lot and sometimes it is big pain to get an idea of the structure of some big JSON object, if it is in just simple text form. This tool would help in such cases a lot.

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