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Discussion on: Express in React! React Backend! Whut?! 🤯

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Thank you, do you have any articles, videos you can recommend to learn react more in depth?

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Orkhan Jafarov Author

Thanks for detailed answers! You're awesome, mate ✨

Yep, we can use useContext and it will work as expected, in @reactend/express you can import ReqResContext and pass into useContext to have access req, res

It's also possible to replace appHOC/appWrapper of pages and replace html template.
You can do like this (Sorry for bad naming, I'll change them later to better ones)

registerApp(ExpressApp, {
  appHOC: (Component) => (
    <ReduxProvider store={store}>
      <Component />
  renderHTML: ({ head, styles, root }) => `

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Clifford Fajardo • Edited on

I like these articles:

These Github users below write lots of cool micro libraries for learning purposes, here are tiny react clone in modern JS

A general resource I like to often refer to is this one, when I'm curious about a technology & how it works under the hood

Paid resource

  • KentC Dodds has a react course ( covering nearly everything you would need. It's fairly expensive depending on how you view the investment. 5 months ago, I joined a company that uses React. I had production experience with Angular/Vue, vanillaJS and only dabbling with React. I wanted a resource that was cohesive and didn't want to spend time hunting and pieces resources together and building a fragmented view of the react ecosystem so I bought his course. I thought about it like this: Companies pay thousands of dollars for the expertise of someone like Kent C Dodd (author of several top GitHub libraries) and he's offering a course for a few hundred bucks that's replayable and in video with awesome examples..., if I can learn from one of the best that sounds amazing to me
  • Epic React
  • Kent's awesome React blog