.all? method of Enumerable for Array, Hash in Ruby is awesome!

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What is .all?


🤔 Situations1: Stop the short circuit evaluation ( && )

Because .valid? has side effect and they want all of forms to evaluate validation, they can't use &&.

@form_a.valid? & @form_b.valid?  # 🤔 evaluate both of valid? but using & is not natual
@form_a.valid? && @form_b.valid? # 🤔 evaluate only forward if it is false

👍 Solve it

forms = [@form_a.valid?, @form_b.valid?]

🤔 Situation2: isn't there any errors?

valid = true
users.each do |user|
  valid = false unless user.valid?

👍 Solve it

users.map{ |user| user.valid? }.all?
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