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re: Adding reCaptcha v3 to a Rails app without a gem VIEW POST


Great article as I found the google Docs extremely lacking on how to set this up for any site much less a Rails site. They make a lot of assumptions that you'll just get the part they're completely glossing over, e.g. the hidden field and token assignment.

One mistake I think I found though is in the method recaptcha_execute you have a reference to RECAPTCHA_SITE_KEY which I'm guessing is actually supposed to be ENV['RECAPTCHA_SITE_KEY'] or a defined constant. This might trip up some people. :)


Yikes, nice catch! It was supposed to be a constant above the two methods. Now fixed! Thanks for pointing that out.

I had a hard time with the Google documentation too, which is a big reason why I wrote this post! Thank you for reading :D

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