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Uploading files in react native

I've been working with react native for one year now, and I really love it.
Today was the first time I had to upload files to our back-end server.
Normally when I encounter something I don't know my first instinct is to search for it in the official documentations unfortunately I couldn't find anything helpful.

Without using third party library:

Prepare file as form data:

If you picked a file using document picker,image picker or camera and you pass it down as file object.

const data = new FormData();
  data.append('file', {
    type: file.type,
    uri: Platform.OS === 'ios' ? 
         file.uri.replace('file://', '')
         : file.uri,
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Notice that on ios you need to prefix file path with 'file://' to be able to access files.

Upload the file to the server as Post request with proper headers:

  • Using Axios :
await"https://upload-service-url", data, {
  headers: {
    "Content-Type": "multipart/form-data",
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  • Using fetch :
await fetch("https://upload-service-url", {
  method: "post",
  body: data,
  headers: {
    "Content-Type": "multipart/form-data; ",
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Using react-native-fs library:

Library repo
This nice library give you access to native files system so you can manipulate files and directories.

Why to use this library if I can do it without library?
I would say the main reason is to have the ability to show determinate progress indicator using the progress callback

import { uploadFiles, DocumentDirectoryPath } from "react-native-fs";

var files = [
    name: "file",
    filename: "file.jpg",
    filepath: DocumentDirectoryPath + "/file.jpg",
    filetype: "image/jpeg",

  toUrl: "https://upload-service-url",
  files: files,
  method: "POST",
  headers: {
    Accept: "application/json",
  //invoked when the uploading starts.
  begin: () => {},
  // You can use this callback to show a progress indicator.
  progress: ({ totalBytesSent, totalBytesExpectedToSend }) => {},
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Important note:

If you are using react native debugger to try inspecting network requests and you get errors from back-end service.
It is because currently the debugger does'nt suppot the formData as mentioned in there documentations under 'Limitations'

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