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After all I thought that making LP was enough in Strikingly

note: Start-up, individual developer who wants to bring product to market early is conditional on condition

▼ I made my LandingPage by Strikingly▼


Wanted to focus on product development, LP wanted to get out anyway

This time, when I made a desktop app called Watari personally, I left the download link at first.

I decided to create a download page, thinking that "It is not good that the link of s3 is straight and put in place."

Requirements are

  • [Most important] be able to make with minimal construction
  • Know the number of pressing the download button (if you charge GoogleAnalytics)
  • Make it easy to copy pages and create English version sites quickly
  • Ability to set up your own domain


As a candidate

a. Make a slightly rich LP with Webflow (
b. Write in html and Scss and hosting on firebase and github pages
c. Sticking only with FV and OGP

It became like this and it was Strikingly chosen.


Anxious price is ** $ 20 / month (Pro version) **
Now you can publish 3 sites (does not enter the Strikingly logo)
You can set your own domain.

If you pay in a year, it will be cheaper to $ 16 / month,
The direction of the app has changed
When it comes to saying "If you can register by LP, it will be easy?"

I'm thinking of making LP by myself and I pay monthly.

But maybe I will graduate soon

I'm writing with the momentum of product launch, but maybe I wrote it above
"If you want to incorporate service functions into LP"
If you want to look richer, Strikingly is not enough.

If it is rich, let's create it in Webflow, and in-house service if the service is embedded.

I'm sorry I just wrote the momentum, I will return to the development of the service.

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