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Maths, definitely. That was the reason I put off my developing dreams when I was young. Maybe then it was really important (I am talking about 20 years ago, when I was 10).
But today I've realized Maths is really not that complicated or deep into Front-End so I decided to come back :D


Do you mean Mathbox.js ;-)

The article series of MathBox.js are outstanding.

I knew the theory of imaginary numbers, but It was amazing to look into the dynamic graphics and see them rotating.

I wish I would have such tools in the high school.

I wish i would have time to use MathBox.js or threejs to explore datasets.

If one map properly the datasets to the three dimensions, I almost sure that we can find many more relationships instantaneously, because the brain is prepared to work with spacial structure and note those relationships in real time.

You know? The cyberspace was born with the science fiction writer William Gibson.

The web is still very limited to the cyberspace described in Gibson's books. In the books the characters take a Virtual Reality set and connect to 3D words, the servers, the data, the avatars, ... everything was interacting in 3D.

I guess that in the years to come, the web will reach the Gibson dreams. And math would be very important for that.

Are we ready? ;-)


I appreciate your passion about Maths... I wish I could share it.


I hear you! I'm great at problem solving, but don't ask me to split the cheque.

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