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re: Hi Nards, thank you very much for the great post! I tried to follow the instruction above and it works perfectly fine with the className stuff. Ho...

Thanks for the feedback!

I haven't tried using directives to extent yet but I'm assuming this one's related to PostCSS. Sorry I have no solid answer now but I'll try to look and get back into this once I'm free.


Hi Nards,

Thanks for the quick reply! Apparently, I had to override webpack config (not really recommended) using react-app-rewired and customize-cra with some PostCSS config.
The very short tutorial I use is : medium.com/@harryhedger/quick-how-...

If possible, please test this and (maybe?) note this for users who use create-react-app with Tailwind directives so that they don't have to look everywhere like me anymore! Thanks :D

Thanks for this! Will pin this one on the post itself later. Sorry for the late response!

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