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Discussion on: NodeJs or C#

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Nathan DJ

I think the .net pool reducing is down to the increase in JavaScript Frameworks for front-end dev, mobile (react native) & desktop (electron) and similarly wanting to use a single language for all Dev. This further reduces the barrier for entry and allows companies to seemlessly swap developers to any project.

That being said Microsoft are finally making the right calls with the introduction of Blazor and bindings for mobile made possible through Xamarin and Mono, making it simpler to resuse code bases and follow development principles easier.

As someone who swaps between the two regularly I've always found C# much more friendly and easier to work with. I think it really is preference now.

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Art Hicks Author

I agree with you. I think that they both have their pros and cons. I also go back and forth between JavaScript and c#. I believe for myself I feel more confident that my c# applications are going to be more stable and agile than my JavaScript applications.

Even though when writing node applications, I do feel that the development experience can be faster, but with my experience in building enterprise applications with C# I have developed a style of creating applications, and making my own Nuget packages to help streamline developing repetitive functions.

Also when it comes down to deployment. I feel that visual studio has done a good job providing great tools for those working with enterprise applications.