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Hey y'all, I'm Ada. I'm a non-binary (pronouns they/them) 18 year old web dev who primarily codes in Node.js (though I regularly dabble in Go and Rust.). I found out about this place a while back and have read a handful of articles from here but have been a bit reluctant to join due to past bad experiences with noninclusive dev spaces, hopefully that isn't the case here.

Anyways, nice to meet y'all, I'm looking forward to hopefully being an active participant in the community!


Hi Ada!

I love that you use the word yall! I grew up in Oklahoma and just moved to Denver. I don't get to hear it as much as I would like. Welcome to the new space, I'm new as well. We'll see how this goes together :)

Have a great day!


Funnily enough I actually picked up y'all through osmosis from a friend who moved here up north from Texas!


Welcome Ada to! is quite inclusive to all, so rarely will you find you'll need to use that report button.

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