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When to Use React & Angular?

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Recently I was going through React and Angular Comparison online (Latest versions) & found both are good fit for Web Application UI.

While I was also wondering, there must be some differences which must be focused while deciding between two of them.

Lets suppose, I have one Java based web application with Spring MVC framework , Hibernate & JSF/JSP. Assuming this application is doing massive backend operations & displaying data on UI.

If in todays date, if I want to rebuild this type of application with latest Technology then how I should go for decision making out of React /Angular/other UI framework. For backend may be I will prefer to use Spring Boot which is advanced version of Spring MVC, but its really difficult to make choice on UI side.

Few points which I came across after googling are-
1) React is best when real time data update is required frequently.
2) React requires lot of Java script skills so it takes time develop web apps.
3) While Angular has speedy development & also trying to improve on lacking points per release like Bundle Size, Performance etc.

If anybody came across such situation & has some guidelines no when to use what? then reply would be helpful :)

Happy Engineering!

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