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My perspective on Chakra UI

Chakra UI is a collection of beautifully made React components that includes all of Tailwind's stylistic benefits and handles all of the complexity.First and foremost, Chakra UI has a light and dark mode configuration for your application which can be configured in easy manner. It has the convenience of Tailwind as well as all of these additional advantages right out of the box.

Styles may be passed as props because all styles are prop-based.It is quite simple to have access to responsive styles.Chakra UI supports Frameworks such as React , Next , Gatsby and many more.

Each component can be imported and can be customized by passing props. Chakra UI provides pre-built components to assist you in completing your projects as quickly as possible.Layouts, forms, typography, overlay, disclosure, navigation, media, icons, and many more are among the components.

There are various pre-built hooks that extend the application's capability significantly.The good part about Chakra UI is the community that has sprung up around it.You may also discover some themes that look fantastic and were created using Chakra UI.Despite the fact that it is still tiny for the time being, it is expanding on a daily basis and everyone are very helpful to improve Chakra UI's speed, performance, and developer experience.

You may visit the Chakra UI website by clicking here

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