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re: I would be interested in how to make different calendar views. I found e.g. JTAppleCalendar on the internet, which should work, but I didn't really...

Oh I see.. Truth be told the calendar view with cells is something that is really really complicated because you need to correctly show the number of days for each month and take all that edge cases into account.

I have used JTAppleCalendar in one of the projects at my job and I think it works pretty nice. It is hard to set up though which just shows how difficult job this is.

I currently have some free time so if you want you can get in touch and I could offer you additional help and mentoring for building the calendar app.

Many thanks for the offer.
Since I don't know all the components of Swift yet, I think I've set my sights too high.

Creating a calendar app seems to be very complicated, which is probably the reason why the selection in the AppStore is not that big.

I thought that JTAppleCalendar provides the basic structure and then you only have to pass the data.
Then I will have to be satisfied with a calendar app from the AppStore.

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