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Great list!

I always add:
font-size: 0
to the body element, to disable the gap when you use display: inline-block


Interesting technique. Does that no longer have SEO issues? Maybe the crawler is smart enough to go further into the page, but I remember that being a solid anti-pattern a while back.


I don't think so, but should be tested :)
My opinion is that if you put "font-size: 0" to the

element, then you don't plan to have text directly in the body element. The text should be inside of a


or other (all with a visible font-size). Nothing is concealed, so it should be crawled normally.


I would only recommend doing hacks like that on the element itself, rather than globally.


I use inline-block pretty often. It’s a necessity for me.
But not everybody has the same approach. Thanks for your post again. Very helpful

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