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First post — Who am I?

Simon Strandgaard
I'm a software developer with interest in math, physics, electronics.
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Greetings visitor and welcome to my blog. My name is Simon Strandgaard, AKA. neoneye. I’m a software developer. I make apps for iOS, macOS, Raspberry Pi and Linux. I live in Copenhagen, the capital in Denmark. I bike everyday. I don’t have a car. I don’t smoke. I drink coffee. I like science.

My project: TriangleDraw for iPhone/iPad

This is one of my proudest accomplishments so far. A drawing editor with a triangular grid. It's available on the App Store and it's free.

Alt Text

See this video of TriangleDraw in action.

From time to time, I post my own random TriangleDraw doodles on Instagram.

TriangleDraw is opensource. Let me know your ideas for improvements.

I originally coded TriangleDraw in 2007 as part of an entirely different graphics app of mine. When the iPad arrived I quickly migrated TriangleDraw into a standalone app. At that time TriangleDraw was limited, it was coded in Objective-C. Nowadays it's written in Swift and more advanced. I tried earning money on it, but without luck, so I eventually made TriangleDraw free.

My interests


My favorite demos are: fr-041: debris, Atrium.
I enjoy music by: Jester, Purple Motion, Captain, Jogeir Liljedahl, Chris Hülsbeck.

I’m fascinated by demotools, such as Werkkzeug, Tooll, Webbzeug, Shade.

I like the works of IQ, FlexMonkey, Mr doob, Mario Klingemann, Psonice.


My favorite sci-fi movies are: Alien, Blade Runner, Cube, Contact, Ghost in the shell, Ex Machina, Back to the future, Prometheus, Terminator, They Live, The Matrix, The fifth element, Black Mirror, Transcendence, 2001.

TV shows

Other awesome movies and tv shows: Sillicon Valley, Westworld, Game of Thrones, Being John Malkovich, The Game, The Lego Movie, The Usual Suspects, Pulp Fiction, The X-Files.


I like all kinds of science things. I subscribe to Periodic videos, PBS Space Time, Kurzgesagt.


I recently listened to a great audiobook: A Short History of Nearly Everything — Bill Bryson

That’s all for a first post.

Have a great day.

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