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Hi Sylvain,

thanks for your feedback. You have two very legitimate questions. Let me try to answer both.

  1. As you can see we already added one additional script for copying the index.html to the correct folder what should also be done in a build script even though it is not part of the usual Webpack compiling. Moreover I call the webpack command from the package.json to avoid installing dependencies on a global level because that could lead to version conflicts when using multiple projects.
  2. I do not prefer working .vue files for multiple reasons. Since you are not the first one asking for Single File Components, I will write a chapter just about this and why I do not like working with them.

I didn't thought about conflicts when installing global dependencies ! This is a good point ;)

It's very cool to have differents opinions :)

I look forward to read your next chapter !

Yup that is something that I really like as well within the community.

The next chapter is already published. :)

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