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An Incredibly Serious Discussion about Next.js at Reactathon

Welcome to Blogvent, day 20!

Last week, Netlify sponsored Reactathon, and we had a blast getting to know other developers in the community in our topic tables and around the event.

One of the talks was given by yours truly, and it was a very, very serious discussion about Next.js, its capabilities, and… maybe a little bit of fun things too.

Wow! Can I see more?

Of course you can! Here is the repo from the talk.
If you’d like to learn how to write Next.js, we have a Mission just for you on Jamstack Explorers!

And here’s a starter project for Next.js if you’d like to get coding:

Deploy to Netlify

(Clicking this button will deploy a Next.js starter project to Netlify, and clone it to your chosen Git provider)

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