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Building a Web Application with Sinatra

Welcome to Recipe Freak, my first web application.
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My first web app, built in Sinatra, allows users to create, share, and do other fun things with recipes. It's essentially a social media for recipes.

A video walkthrough can be found here:

This is my second Flatiron School project, and my first web application. I started my app with the gem 'corneal' which gave a very convenient template for a Sinatra/ActiveRecord based, application. From there, I tweaked things to what I wanted. I began by outlining my application, defining all the models and their relationships. It was tough to decide what should be attributes and what should be separate models, but I figured that making more models would give me more flexibility down the road. Though they weren't perfect at first, the relationships ended up being as follows:

User: -has_many :recipes, has_many :likes

Recipe: -belongs_to :user, belongs_to :cuisine, has_many :steps, :has_many likes, :has_many bags

Cuisine: has-many :recipes

Ingredients: belongs_to :recipe

Steps: belongs_to :recipe

Likes: belongs_to :recipe, belongs_to :user

Bag(for a feature of adding a recipe to a grocery list): belongs_to :recipe, belongs_to :user

Once the relationships were created, it was time to create database migrations to fit these models. After that, it was time to work on views and controllers. I didn't feel like working on migrations or controllers was that difficult, but the views proved to be an excellent challenge.

Using erb files was liberating since I could embed ruby code and send instance variables from the controllers to the views. I also included a few JavaScript functions for the front end to manipulate the DOM. I had to let the user dynamically add and delete ingredients, as well as adjust serving sizes for recipes. JavaScript was my only viable option for this. I also spent a long time with CSS styling, which was surprisingly difficult. I am sure once I start digging into CSS/JS fundamentals it will become more intuitive to organize my html elements for styling and DOM manipulation.

I learned so much from this project. having learned the concepts of http and routing, MVC, user authentication, good object oriented design, and more - the past few weeks have been a tsunami of information. However, I am understanding it more everyday. I ended up pushing my app to Heroku, which was the most exciting part of the project. I am so excited for the future and projects to come.

If you're interested in checking out the code, view it on github here

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