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Don't get bogged down in the details of one language. They are all the same. They all have assignment, math[s] operators, conditional, loops, and functions. They key to programming is to visualize the moving parts in a language independent way, like in an old school flow chart or as legos. Then you write a description of the parts and connectors in human language. Finally you convert that essay into code. And if you don't exactly remember how a particular language specific graphics or string manipulation or socket function works. Then you pull out the documentation or just Google it. Know what you want to do and what questions to ask is more important than knowing what the order of the parameters for a socket select function are. Or event knowing how to create that socket in the first place.

Reading this and your other post has really helped me take a different look towards Dyslexia. When I was first diagnosed my initial thought was "Aw fuck who's going to want to hire a programmer who can barely spell" but hearing your story, your outlook on the condition has just brought like to the fact that yes it's shit but we learn to make the best of it and the best of our careers and the fact that just because we have this that we shouldn't be putting ourselves down or be looked at differently.

Thank you for writing this. It truly means a lot and is a beautiful post.

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