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Are you in the GitHub Arctic Code Vault?

nickytonline profile image Nick Taylor (he/him) Updated on ・1 min read

Looks like GitHub is pushing out new contributor badges.

It looks like this.

Screenshot of my GitHub profile showcasing the Arctic Code Vault badge

Have you made it into the GitHub arctic code vault? ❄️ Share a screenshot!


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For the first time in my life, I feel like I'm sitting with the cool kids at the lunch table :D
Snapshot of thevunderkind's GitHub profile
What a time to be alive.


Thanks for sharing! Didn't know about the badge


Can we still contribute to this github program.


I think this selection was taken in February 2020, but they might archive more repos later, who knows?


They might do it again later. This program already began its journey to arctic with over 21TB of repository data.


Oh my goodness I'm so glad you wrote this - was WONDERING! Also, Nick, your responses to folks are HILARIOUS - those may be my favorite part!

Artic Code


Thanks and congrats! Here's some fried chicken care of Loki.

Loki holding KFC


I didn't realize the importance of the badge until my friend shared a video of this. Feels pretty good knowing that my code is going to be stored for like 1000 years 😇


This is the repo: github.com/ChintuKarthi/data_store...


Oh my goodness I'm so glad you wrote this - was WONDERING! Also, Nick, your responses to folks are HILARIOUS - those may be my favorite part!



Would like to know that can we still contribute for it.


No idea. Checkout github.com or a quick Google to see.


Yes! Including my contributions to forem/forem...


Apparently I am. I think it orders the repositories by stars or something, so forem/forem is not on there 😢



I'm in!!

That is so cool, thanks for pointing it out @nickytonline .


Hey nice profile pic 🤣


except dev doesn't want to embed my image 😡


I thought everyone gets it, as an encouragement during the covid period... now I checked again and found it's something else, lol. No matter what, happy to get a badge! (I wonder what's in the "more" section because I won't archive that one page svelte hacker news repo....
my github


Ha ha, thank you so much, Annie, for your comment about my post and image! I knew I'd made a boo-boo so I quickly deleted and tried again - and finally got it right! Looks like my old version still appeared a few places, but hopefully, that'll peter out soon. But thanks for speaking up!!


yeah I saw that... then I deleted my comment too lol.


Woow, my learning journey with Apache kafka well be documented for next generations !!
Such a great Honour :D
Arctic code Vault Badge


Yeah! And of course with contribution to Forem 🤗💚


Considering my little contribution to open source, still I got the badge :D
Most of my Repo's are related to embedded system programs (like Arduino and RPi)

Thanks for sharing, didn't know about it.


Yes, I just saw this badge on my profile. Thanks for sharing. Good job guys!
Github Badge


🤗 My NuGet Packages: ToolBox and Colorify going to 🥶

Ohh Yeah


I'm there too :)


Btw, does anyone know if there's a way to see the full list of projects that have been included? As a contributor to several open-source projects, I'd like to see the full list instead of a generic "and more".


I needed some good news. I didn't expect this good of news, though.
My Arctic Code Vault Badge
I'll take it - seriously, this made my day.


Really neat to be part of this!

Very cool that they're looking to preserve all this code for the next 1000 years (at least!). If anyone wants to read about it: archiveprogram.github.com/


"GitHub Inc. said today it has delivered a copy of all of the open-source software code stored on its website to a data repository at the Arctic World Archive, which is a very long-term archival facility buried 250 meters deep in the permafrost of an Arctic mountain."
"(...), it will store its code in an archive called the GitHub Arctic Code Vault, which it says has been built to last for a thousand years."





I am in! 😀 Didn't even know I was going to be till the prompt appeared.
contributed to forem, mozilla india and mozfam


Yeah!! This is the coolest thing ever! 🤩


Apparently my code is also important... 🤣


I also have this badge on my profile. Great ;)


I’m in it but I don’t know what it means, I think if you’re selected, your projects with minimum 1 star are archived.


To my surprise, I am!

I wonder what the and more repos are though.



What are these "and more repos"...

Puppet bird looking through binoculars


What?!?! I've built this tiny AppCenter Serilog adapter and it got into the Arctic Code Vault! This is super cool! 😃