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Discussion on: SpaceInvaders with only JavaScript and CSS!

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Nicola Author

I think typescript is a must, If you don't know JS well it could be a mess to handle. Also, the major frameworks (and not) like Angular, React and Vue uses Typescript as the default language. It could lead you to a fantastic Object-driven Javascript world, where you can reduce the size of your written code and improve your code without wasting time debugging around for hours!

I suggest you to start with the tutorials here and to learn also what nodejs is and how to use it. Take a look also on what npm is and what is a node package before starting with typescript.

I'm creating a TS version of this SpaceInvaders to improve the project readability.

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Awesome! I've hooked up a node.js backend to my react app as a test / proof of concept. It's a hassle. So anything to make that easier is fantastic.