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Discussion on: Self Care isn’t Selfish ❤️ Mental Health Tips for the Winter months (in a Global Pandemic)

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Nicolás Omar González Passerino

I think having people who can reach time by time to talk about that stuff helps a lot to get through a bad day/week.
I planned a work change for may of this year and I had to pospone it until the crisis passes, so I talked a lot with some of my coworkers and close friends, as well as I analyzed the "why" of my decision and came to a better resolution that before.
So, the pandemic was difficult for me because I had to reschedule an important objective, but I had a great outcome after talking about my problems with my the people I trust.

You always can ask for an advice or just for a talk.
You are not alone in this situation.

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Annika_H Author

I'm totally with you there! Communication is one of the most important things and speaking out your thoughts aloud always helps to see everything more clearly!