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Discussion on: Of course you are an above-average developer... Right?

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Nicolas Bailly • Edited

As much as we all may want to be above the average person, we just can't. If we are all above the mean, the mean wouldn't be the mean. See what I'm saying?

That's not exactly true. The median competency would have to go up because there's by definition 50% of the people above the median and 50% below it. Now it's entirely possible that only 10% of people are below the mean competency if they're really really bad coders.

Now that begs a more relevant question in my opinion : How the hell do you determine mean competency and median competency ? And what does that even mean ?

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Juani Filardo Author

Hi Nico! Of course that it's entirely possible; it does not represent a statistical impossibility. However, as I quoted above,

This is statistically unlikely with a sample of over 70,000 developers

The 70% who considered themselves to be above the average would have to be really close to it, whereas the 10% below should be extremely below. That's why I disregarded that option.

I totally agree with you in that you cannot determine competence just like that. And I don't think that it would mean anything, in any case.
However, I just wanted to point out the bias and to contrast this results with the well known impostor syndrome.