Hi, I'm Nicotupe

Updated on Sep 11, 2018 ・1 min read

I have been coding since around when the web arrived in my home :)

You can find me on GitHub as @BCoulange

I live in Barcelona.

I'ml the CTO of Cornis. I do podcasts (in french) each week about science on PodcastScience and blog about management and its link with theater on The World As A Stage

I mostly program in Ruby (Ruby on Rails and scripts), Python (Data processing), Javascript (frontend), C++ (when image processing needs to be fast).

I have a mathematical background and my company work with Machine Learning.

Nice to meet you!

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Baptiste Coulange
CTO and co-founder of Cornis (www.cornis.fr) / Science podcaster at http://podcastscience.fm (FR) / http://theworldasastage.com

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