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Status Update: 2019-12-07 - Welcome Jeckerson

Another update regarding v4 and what we have been up to since our last blog post, brought to you by the Phalcon Team :)


We would like to welcome Jeckerson to the core team. Anton has been contributing consistently for quite some time now and has taken ownership of the DevTools, Migrations as well as building docker images for Phalcon.

His addition to the core team brings a bit more depth and help with everyday tasks!


This is the final stretch. Our goal is to release v4 in a couple of weeks so we have focused on fixing remaining bugs and perform final checks.

We have already created a checklist of items to be addressed when we release v4 such as update the documentation paths, release DevTools etc. and are constantly refining it to ensure a smooth release.

At the moment we only have one bug report that has not been verified (cannot reproduce it) and a pull request which is still work in progress.



Work is going on in the documents also. Remaining:

  • DevTools document which will be done after our DevTools is fully compatible with v4.
  • REST API Advanced. A tutorial based on our REST API application (in progress)
  • Firewall

Everyone is welcome to review our documentation and offer suggestions, ask questions, point out inconsistencies and omissions etc.

Our documents for v4 are live here:

The status of the documentation project can be seen here. If you wish to issue a pull request with corrections, please visit our docs repository and issue your pull request for the English language only (en directory).

Thank you

Special thank you to all those that have been testing v4 and reporting bugs. Without your help we would have not made it this far.

Also thank you to those that have contributed to the testing suite, as well as the documentation either with corrections for typos or translating documents.

If you find bugs, please report them in our Github Issues page. Alternatively you can always join us in our Discord server or our Forum.

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