re: Stop trying to be so DRY, instead Write Everything Twice (WET) VIEW POST


So summarizing: only make an abstraction for something if you can remove three repetitions.


N = 2 leads to N >= 3 most of the time. I get the point and I also don't abstract out things immediately, but rather than follow hard rules, we can say that ... I don't know it seems like 99% of code is going to be used either once, or more than 2 times. Something to get used exactly 2 times would be very rare.

Also in general programming, abstraction isn't the only way to avoid repetition.

And the main reason for DRY is to not have to change the code in 7 places when something changes.

So you kinda have to know which things logically belong together. Very often that's things that share the exact same code, but sometimes it isn't.

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