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Discussion on: Bspwm installation on Ubuntu 20.04 [updated :2021]

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Dmitry Polienko

If you're using Ubuntu's default display manager (GDM3), then you don't need to edit your .xsession. BSPWM APT package adds /usr/share/xsessions/bspwm.desktop, and GDM3 finds it automatically. The caveat is that GDM3 doesn't re-scan this directory, so you have to restart it (e.g. by rebooting). You can then choose your preferred session on the login screen (the cog button in the bottom right).

I haven't tried this with other display managers, but I would imagine that at least some of them support /usr/share/xsessions/ as well.

Also, one thing that I would add to this guide is setting up a simple help shortcut, as described here. It's frustrating to be locked in a keyboard-centric application without a clear/fast way to see what the commands are. Kind of like entering Vim by mistake. 😄