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Many people have mentioned about the multi-cores being a catalyst in encouraging the use of functional programming in the industry today. This is definitely one of the big motivating factors. But I think a more basic reason why FP is becoming more popular is the fact that we are developing more and more complex software these days and FP gives us the right tools to reason about our programs.

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Using pure functional programming and decoupling the side-effecting parts of your program from the "pure" ones, you get the power to prove the correctness of your programs just like in mathematics. Richard Bird has written a great book Pearls of Functional Algorithm Design: Richard Bird: 9780521513388: Amazon.com: Books on this subject, where he mentions the following:

My aim in writing these particular pearls is to see to what extent algorithm design can be cast in a familiar mathematical tradition of calculating a result by using well established mathematical principles, theorems and laws.

This is the power of equational reasoning through composition of the powerful patterns of computation.

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