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When not to refactor. Dealing with legacy systems as a responsible professional

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What can be better than driving to Cambridge to see a school friend? Same thing, but listening to the “Fireside Chat #37: Dealing with the most common problems in legacy systems” audio podcast from @Codurance, by José E. Rodríguez, Sandro Mancuso and Mashooq Badar.

Most of all I liked an idea of not being too hasty with adding a testing framework for all the cases in a legacy system. A professional’s approach may be not creating a full blown testing framework for bash script in 2 months time, if the script may be created in 2 days with similarl quality testing done “in the old ways”.

I also like the idea of “the legacy system might be not the best one you have ever seen, but it has been working well enough for quite some time”.

Another idea was that “refactoring makes sense if it’s cost is comparable to the amount of money which it will bring to the business.

I cannot quote the podcast, as I was driving and couldn’t take notes. Sorry-not-sorry, safety comes first :) I might have even mixed 2 of the firechats a bit :)) Well, one more reason for you to actually listen to the podcast yourself :)))

I will continue overviewing the best podcasts, stay tuned.

Link to the podcast:

Link to the events from Codurance. Some of the best things in life are free.

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