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Configure SSH for a specific Host

I had to set up an Ubuntu machine a couple weeks back and set up a fresh git server at work. To get rid of the authentication every single push and pull I set up ssh keys to authenticate that way.


With the following ssh-config the ssh client will open a ssh connection with only typing ssh example. The user that is used then is niklas. Otherwise you would have to write ssh -i ~/.ssh/example.key If this is a connection you have to connect to more often this is can be a waste of effort. Just simply open your ssh-config with nano ~/.ssh/config and use the following config:

Host example
    User niklas
    IdentityFile ~/.ssh/example.key

Copy specific key with ssh-copy-id

$ ssh-copy-id -i path/to/key user@host

This command will easily transfer your public key to the authorized_keys on your server.

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