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re: Time Learned Point 0 Java 2 mo Pyhton 1 y/6mo C# .Net 2 y Web2Py + HTML + JQuery + C++ 2y/6 mo Ruby and RoR + Android SDK 3 y iOS Swi...

How cool! And how unusual, 2 years before your first div


Yes haha, here computer science starts by teaching logic and simulation in my case using coding as a tool. Then you have engineering stuff like calculus, physics, algebra, mechanics and then only one course of web development.

The aim is to teach software development, so then comes some design courses like computer architecture, software architecture and others.

It's really fun because with the methodology we are taught you can learn in no time pretty much anything. React took about 3 days from zero. I don't mean to sound arrogant, but it is how we are prepared at college.

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