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How to create Azure Function App in Azure Portal

How to create Azure Function App in Azure Portal

This article helps you to learn how to create Azure Function App in Azure Portal.

Azure Function Apps
Azure functions is a solution for executing small lines of code or the functions in the Cloud. We can also select the our programming languages, as per our desire. We pay only for the time your code executes, that is Pay per use. Its support a variety of programming languages like C#, F#, Node.js, Python, PHP or Java. Its support continuous Deployment and Integration. Azure functions Applications let us develop Serverless Applications. Please refer official page of Azure Functions for more details

• Microsoft Azure Account.
Follow the below steps to create a Azure Function.
Step 1
Login to
In the dashboard, choose to create a resource and click on compute. Now choose Function App,

Click on Create

Step 2

Enter the name you want to assign to the logic, choose the subscription, and resource group where you organize related resources, Hosting Plan (This plan is based on the Executions and resource consumption. It also has a free monthly limit of 1 million requests and 4,00,000 GB-s (Gigabyte seconds) of resource consumption per month.) and location where your Function app is stored. Then, click on "Create".

Here is the dashboard. Click on Function App.

Step 3

Create Function App
• Now, click on the Function to create a new Function App.

• Next, we have to Choose the Portal.

• Next, we choose Webhook + API.

• Next, we have an editor which preloads the run.csx file, where you can find a predefined method to be fired when the API is called. The "Run" button is used to build and execute the code and "Save" button is used to save the changes done in the code editor

Step 4
Test the Function App

• To test the app, we have an test functionality which is available in the right corner of the screen

• Click on Test.

• We will have the output.

Step 5
Run the Function App
• Let us test the Azure Function app in the browser. Now we save and run the workflow and run it. Now click on the Get Function URL

• Copy the URL

• Paste on the browser with &name=Alagunila.

• Output

I hope you understood how to create an Azure Function App between on portal. Stay tuned for more Azure Function App articles.

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