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What is Data Science?

Did you know how big tech companies like Google, Facebook, youtube, amazon know what are you looking for .?? How to they suggest the things that you think of like if you are buying a mobile from amazon how do they suggest a back cover and guard glass for your mobile through you haven't searched for it. ?
How Facebook, google shows the advertise of the same thing that you searched a few minutes ago in amazon or in Flipkart .??

It's all because of the data scientist who are hired by the companies to write machine learning algorithms so that they can recommend the things of your choice.

So what is Data Science?

Data science is the multi-disciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data.

Data scientist should have skills in these fields: -

Roles and responsibilities:-
Let's discuss each field and how they are inter-related to each other.

First thing a data scientist should know is the Business understanding of the company or else it won't be possible to solve the problem.
The second thing is to collect the data.
And then comes Data cleaning i.e, handle the missing values, applying one-hot encoding & related stuffs, then as the data is ready to use.
Data exploration comes into play where the data is visualized using graphs so that they could get an idea of the data.
Then Feature engineering comes it's main aim is to lower down the features that are not important or they are not playing a vital role in the dataset.
So after that, the dataset is ready to fit into a model then machine learning algorithms are being applied to train the data and to make predictions.
After that we have to visualize the data using graphs and plots and have to make a report and share it to stakeholders then they take decisions on how they can increase the sales of the company.

Data science

Data science is a buzzworthy career. People of any domain can pursue a career in it but must have an idea of maths, statistics, programming language and it is a fast-growing career and have a lot of opportunities for freshers.

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