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Discussion on: I have ADHD 🌧️

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Ahmed Ayoub

I literally cry my eyes out right now.

I grew up in a "developing" country where we have zero mental health education/awareness.

I am 36yo and I have never ever what so ever knew anything about ADHD before reading this article, and yet can't believe that it was written by someone who's NOT ME!!

Adding to all the difficulties and struggles you mentioned, I am not a native speaker, not a computer science graduate and I made it. I had a very successful social life and successful career, I even started my own initiative/startup that help other build their career, but I always felt there is something wrong with the way my brain function!

I am so grateful that currently I live and work in Germany and I'll definitely seek a therapist after corona.

I'll add some other difficulties which I struggled with and you didn't mention, not sure how it could help someone else, but just in case..

  • inability to finish long articles (yours is the longest article I read since years)

  • slow reading (super slow)

  • I rarely read documentations, instead I read code and tests

  • I started as frontend engineer almost 10 years ago and now I do architect systems and I fall in love with kubernetes, kafka and elasticsearch, didn't know why, but now I knew, it is because these technologies have a wide range of use cases and very intensive documentations which keeps me busy and always interested to test and discover more possibilities and use cases

I can't thank you enough for opening this mystery box and putting me on the right track where I belong :)

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Kasey Speakman Author • Edited

Much love to you friend.

From what I researched, ADHD frequently occurs with other learning differences like dyslexia which affects reading. Check out the videos to find out more. Or this video.

Best wishes!

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Zaid Marji

I can relate man, I also grew up in a developing country in the same environment. It's especially hard on us because teachers would hit or berate us for our behavior. I can say some of my personal experiences were traumatic. You are doing great my friend ....hang in there