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re: If you're talking about commands as in Cmd msg, I disagree. Commands are imperative by definition. For messages caused by a Sub msg, that does mak...

I was thinking specifically with the example I posted initially to be honest:

StartGame, ChangedUrl, ChangeRoom

Now you can see what effects the user intentionally chose, and which one was a side-effect of something that they chose to do.

Of course, the inverse of that is that the user can in fact change the URL for themselves, so I guess this hasn't actually helped anything at all. D'oh.

It depends on what those messages are.

GameMsg ToggleInventory, will it, when passed to update, create a new Model that when passed to view will show an inventory? Then imperative makes sense.

If you'd use the name InventoryToggled to denote that the user has e.g. pressed the ToggleInventory button, I'd say you're naming things incorrectly because the inventory wasn't toggled, as the message has not been processed by update yet.

ChangedUrl on the other hand denotes something that definitely did happen. It is more similar to ToggleInventoryButtonPressed.

Yeah, the more I think about it the more I think mixed tense (but intentionally so, rather than accidentally so) feels like the way forward here.

Appreciate your input, this has been a useful conversation.

Glad it was of use to you

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