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Deploy Angular Apps To Surge

I usually use Heroku for hosting my Angular Apps. It works fine but I want to try anything else: something new, something smart. I heard about two deploying tools dedicated to front-end developers: Netlify and Surge. In this article, I will show you how to deploy Angular apps to Surge.

What’s Surge?

Surge is a simple tool for publishing HTML5 apps without leaving the command line. Surge is powerful. I took 10 or 20 minutes sometimes for publishing Angular Apps on Heroku because you need to create a Procfile, add express and angular-cli on app’s dependencies and so on. But with Surge, you need to build your app and it’s alive!

How to do it?

First install Surge using npm:

$ npm install -g surge
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Create a new Angular app:

$ ng new angular-surge
$ cd angular-surge
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What you need to do now is to build your application for production environment.

$ ng build --prod
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Now angular-cli put the build artifacts into dist folder. You need to deploy this folder with surge. Let’s move into dist folder with command line and start deploying.

$ cd dist
$ surge
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Voila! Account creation will happen on your first run. Surge will show you where your application is alive on. Enjoy!

You can do more with Surge. Custom domain, 404 page, SSL and so more. Here is where you can start with these functionalities of Surge.

Never forget that you can deploy your Angular apps in one minute or less with Surge!!!

Happy coding!
Originally published at Medium on January 14, 2018.

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