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Some related observations/thoughts I don't know where else to put:

The Misunderstanding

React/Angular/...-Dev: "CSS in JS!"
"Classic"-static-page-Dev: "No! How would we.. It makes no sense!"
React/Angular/...-Dev: "Yes, it's so much better! Just shove it in your components"
"Classic"-static-page-Dev: "In my what? But Cascade!"

(spoiler-alert: both are right)

The Twitter/HN-Bubble

I would take popular tech-twitter with a truckload of salt.
Lots of them are marketing-folks (advocates, evangelists) so they are biased towards whatever their company does.
Lots of them are really smart, but in the end are only human, and can be victims to fallacies like all of us.
Most front-end-devs I talk to outside conferences never even heard about any of the folks mentioned in the article.
Not to mention the differences between Silicon-Valley and the rest of the world.

The web-dev-spectrum

My hypothesis: Everybody has their line where it becomes uncomfortable for them, on both sides, if you assume a web-dev-spectrum like (sorry for the simplification):

Concept/IA <-> Graphic Design <-> HTML/CSS <-> Style-JS (Anims, jQuery) <-> Techie-JS (TS, Ng, React) <-> THE API <-> Server-Side Dev. / Ops / OS/Systems-Dev

Even though I'm interested in all of those fields, my "home" is from HTML to Techie-JS.
I assume it's a bit different for everybody, especially as this spectrum gets finer grained, the bigger the company/team/project gets. But I also would say, that i.e. Systems-Devs with typography-skills are the exception to the rule.

CSS is hard

Most "CSS is hard"-rants which got my attention come from the tech-side of the spectrum. Are most issues with CSS really deficits in design-skill? Would they have the same issues with Sketch or Photoshop?
What makes them think CSS is easy? Do some years of full-time CSS and it won't be that hard anymore.


I agree with everything you mention!

  • About the misunderstanding: I saw a response (here or on Twitter, not sure) that said that what matters is what's right for each team, as far as which angle to take, and I think that's both sensible and real.
  • About the Twitter bubble: yeah, I feel you; I enjoy the drama but I was made aware that some people, upon being faced by the negativity, actually get discouraged to enter the industry. My biggest regret from this writeup.

And in general, I like your use of headings to separate points, lol. Sorry, I enjoy formatting :D

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