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Announcing Chaos Carnival: A free virtual conference on Chaos engineering

We are happy to announce the launch of Chaos Carnival, a virtual Free-to-Attend Cloud-Native Chaos Engineering focused conference happening on Feb 10-11, 2021. This conference is aimed towards bringing all the Chaos engineering experts together to share their experiences and learn from each other.

So, what is Chaos Engineering exactly?

As our systems grow more and more complex with the adoption of microservices and cloud architectures, it becomes harder and harder to forecast unprecedented failures. A single unforeseen breakdown can cost companies millions of dollars. The solution to this threat is in identifying failures proactively before they materialize in real-time. How do you do this? Chaos Engineering!

Chaos engineering is an approach where you deliberately ‘break things’ to understand how to make a more resilient system that can withstand unstable and unpredictable conditions. You test, verify and prepare your application to deal with real-time disruptions.

With Chaos Engineering, companies can avoid costly outages by testing the system’s ability to endure breakdowns without compromising the quality of services. Chaos engineering allows you to uncover new weaknesses beforehand that might end-up crashing the system altogether, thereby causing real-time disruptions. It also allows you to test how your system will behave under pressure.

With the rise in adoption of DevOps practices across big organizations, Chaos Engineering is rapidly becoming a norm to ensure that the applications can keep up with frequent releases without going down.

Why Chaos Carnival?

We see Chaos Engineering as one of the trending technologies for 2021 and want to present the community with a vendor-neutral platform for discussing all things chaos engineering.

The keynote for this inaugural episode of the conference will be kickstarted by Adrian Cockcroft from AWS, who has been a well-known personality promoting Chaos Engineering in the last few years.

Chaos Carnival is a community-driven event, centered around cloud-native chaos engineering.

Why should you attend?

Hear from experts, innovators, and industry leaders that are shaping the Kubernetes ecosystem.
Discover new chaos engineering tools and talk to the makers directly.
Attend chaos engineering Bootcamps and learn chaos engineering 101 and experience it
Receive actionable takeaways to help you implement Chaos Engineering in your organization.
Continue to be part of the Chaos Carnival Slack community, learn from your peers, and stay up-to-date even after the conference.

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