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One sunny day of quarantine while walking my dog, I noticed someone had flyered every car on multiple blocks with a letter. The letter was a simple offering to anyone who needed assistance during this challenging time of quarantine. Inspired by this act of kindness, I set out to find a way that I too could help my fellow neighbors. My love of software quickly led me to the idea of this app and with the help of a friend, we created Neighbor. If you are also looking to provide assistance to those who may be at risk or may need extra assistance, I encourage you to sign up on our platform as a provider and share this app with others so we can spread the kindness.


Neighbor is a free platform designed to connect those who need assistance with those who are willing to provide it. After signing up, Neighbor uses your location to match you with others in your area who can either provide assistance or are seeking assistance. Neighbor offers a chat interface so neighbors may communicate the specifics of their needs and make arrangements with others.

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