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Why Software Development

Do you remember those personality/career tests administered to students back in high school and college? One of my consistently “recommended professions" was software engineering. At the time, I didn't think much of it. Art always came naturally to me so I just assumed that was were I belonged. I end up starting a business and through that experience I discovered a layer of strengths and passions I didn’t realize I had.

I love nothing more than analyzing and solving a complex problem that has no obvious solution, as well as the challenge of creating a systems that highlights efficiency. Curiosity is the driving force in my life and the desire to get to the root of how and why things work. Software development is endlessly fascinating and moving at such a rapid pace that there is no shortage of knowledge to gobble up.

I looked into coding over the years, but always thought I'd have to go back to get a four year degree. The structure of bootcamps solved this problem and well, the rest is history!

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