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I've been reluctant to call it a "switch," but I recently took up Vim. I've been using Emacs, and as with any editor I'm sure, I had this growing list of little issues and frustrations. Nothing some editing of my init.el file wouldn't have solved. My bigger issue was that I couldn't use Emacs at work, at least not the way I want to.

My root problem is one of control, and at the office I don't have enough. The hypothesis I'm testing is whether and to what extant I can mold Vim into the shape I want without having to deal with bureaucracy every time I want to install a package. And on a tangential thread I'm trying out a different philosophy. I wrote about it a bit recently, and the jury is still out. I can't say I'm vastly more productive as of yet, but the experiment is looking promising enough that I haven't bailed on it.

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