re: Symfony 4 is the new Boss in PHP Framework VIEW POST


I used to hate Symfony 4 coming from Symfony 3. Nothing was preinstalled like I was used to, you had to use Flex to install things. Now that's one of my favourite parts about it. Start barebones and add what you need, and everything just plugs in and works! It's fantastic! :)


sorry to forget mention it . Flex is one of the greatest advantages of symfony 4 add to that the new architecture and project model of symfony 4 make it greater to use .


I agree. The messagebus and the workflow components are two I've found really useful as of late, and thanks to Flex only a "composer require workflow" away :D As said, I hated it at first, but it has made things both easier and leaner. Good post! Symfony is indeed the Boss :)

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