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re: Dictionaries as in definitions-of-words-dictionaries? Like Mirriam-Webster or Wiktionary? Some clearly are already. Others, though -why should they...

Dictionaries as in definitions-of-words-dictionaries?

Yup, definition dictionaries.

Others, though -why should they be free now when they weren't before? That's asking their owners to give up their profitable business.

Of course, I would not expect companies to make dictionaries for free, but the language and words should be.

I can't think of a compelling reason to make new closed ones in this day and age.

Me neither, although I haven't been able to find a complete open/free dictionary with API.

PD: Maybe this is just a case with Spanish dictionaries or the laws in Spain or Europe, maybe it's not so much the case in the US or other countries.


If you're after a list of words, I'd be surprised there's not something bundled like /usr/share/dict in your OS if it's been installed in the correct language.

Oh nice point, thanks. I might check that out. Do you think that could be used in my project? Or would I be breaking some license? I will look that up just in case.

I've found that es.wiktionary has a dump of all words, so that will help me a lot.


Nice, I might even look for en.wiktionary dumps some time later.

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