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Discussion on: 7 Simple Rules to Make Life Better for Developers

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Manolo Edge

Thanks for this post, I struggle with this a lot recently. But little by little I'm being able to improve it.

Exercise has really helped me overcome anxiety and depression, also communication is key, talking with people about your problems (if they want to listen that is) really helps you, I don't know if it is just the act of explaining it if it is that you're not SO alone anymore or what exactly... but it helps big time.

I also tell myself the following: "Work is part of life, not life itself, so don't become controlled by it"

I read a book called "The Power of Habit - Why do we do what we do and how to change", it's a nice read, it gives really nice insight into how habits work and how to create them...

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Ilona Codes Author

Thank you for your reply! I feel you :( I have been in your shoes, and understand how it's challenging to find a balance to live a happy life.

Love this book too! Habit: I see CUE, I will do ROUTINE to get a REWARD 🙌