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Making the most boring website ever with TypeScript, NestJs, React and others. Part 2.

I made another video on how to make a very generic website for a local business. In this one we create a new NextJs project for client's side, make a homepage, add a new model for services and a way to manage them in the admin panel. Enjoy :).

A tip from the video: snippets.

For some reason I was very reluctant to make my own snippets. A mean I used build-in ones, or the ones that come with extensions, but I never made my own. Until recently I was using css modules and I got really tired typing import for my styles.

So I decided to give it a shot. Turns out even if it does not save you tons of time, I mean typing is like 1% of programming, it surely makes you feel better. So I guess my advice is if you get annoyed about typing something over and over, consider turning that thing into a snippet.

And here is that css modules snippet I was talking about for VS Code.

  "Import css module": 
    "prefix": "mcss",
    "body": [
      "import styles from ./$TM_FILENAME_BASE.module.css'"
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