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Top programming and tech videos of December 2022.

A bit late this month, but here we go. The best tech and programming related YouTube videos of December 2022!

Game development and math

A gorgeously animated video explaining how splines work and the math behind them.

More game development videos of December


Everyone is talking about that ChatGPT thing. Want to know why? Watch this!

More AI videos of December

Web development

An introduction to SvelteKit 1.0.

More web development videos of November


From zero to a complete app pog fr fr.

More tutorial videos of November


I'm developing a catalogue of programming and tech videos called Wheatcha. Feel free to come by if you want to find more cool stuff.

Where is {my_favourite_youtuber}???!!!

Did I miss someone? Feel free to let me know in the comments and I'll fix it next month.

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