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OmniSharp and VSCode 1.30.1

Jamie Nordmeyer
I'm a senior developer and solutions architect residing in the Portland, OR metro area, focusing on .NET full stack development.
Originally published at on ・1 min read

I’m not seeing any hits on the Googles yet for this, but yesterday I ran into an issue where my OmniSharp (the official C# plugin for Visual Studio Code) extension was refusing to load properly. I uninstalled the extension, restarted VSCode, then reinstalled it, and restarted VSCode again. But no joy. When VSCode launches with the extension enabled, the OmniSharp Log simply says “Access is denied”.

I managed to get it working today. I had to uninstall the extension as I had yesterday. However, I ALSO had to physically remove the extension folder, which on Windows, is located in C:\Users{USER}.vscode\extensions\ms-vscode.csharp-1.17.1. After deleting the ms-vscode-csharp-1.17.1 folder, then reinstalling the OmniSharp extension, everything is working again.

It seems as though something got corrupted in the original installation of the extension. Unfortunately, I have no logs. There’s nothing in the Windows Event Logs, and it didn’t occur to me until I’d fixed the issue that I should have opened the Chrome Developer tools in VSCode. Hopefully if someone else stumbles across this situation, they can open the Developer tools and give a little more insight into the issue.

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