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I just got a message in a bottle. It says something like: I would like to tell you about my troubles, but there's not room enough in this one bottle. I can receive this downstream from you, so please let me know if you got this. [it also says this is the distressed prisoner's first message]

I reply with: I got your bottle, and would like to help you. [I also mentioned that this is my first message]

The prisoner replies with: Thank you, I got your first message. [it is marked as the distressed prisoner's second message]

I also started receiving a bunch of other stuff: I got a bottle with a picture in it [marked as the prisoner's fourth message], a bottle saying "the following bottle contains a picture of where I am" [marked as the prisoner's third message], a bottle with my sister's name on it instead of the prisoner I'm trying to help [so I know it's unrelated], and a bottle with another picture in it [marked as the prisoner's sixth message].

After awhile, I dropped in another bottle, asking the prisoner to resend the fifth message [and marked it as my second message]. After a month of not getting a response, I eventually gave up.

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