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Discussion on: Why I moved from React to Svelte and others will follow

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Scott Thompson

I think the point about smaller code performing better is slightly moot in these examples. Remember that it is the respective compilers (svelte in general, react with jsx) that are ultimately responsible for the performance of the code that runs in the browser (ignoring the overhead of the framework in react's case). The svelte compiler will probably output a lot more code than what was input.
I am aware of svelte's benchmarks btw, I'm just highlighting the fact that you don't know it'll perform faster just because YOU'VE written less code ;)

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Andrew Wooldridge

That is true, and Svelte might even output less code even if you had written MORE code. This is the true power of using a compiler like Svelte - any optimizations it comes up with as it develops, will benefit you even if you never write a new line of code.